Josh hard at workSometimes it’s because you’ve found something on the beach and want to find out what it is. Other times it’s for insurance purposes, a legal requirement, or intent to sell. There are many reasons for and types of jewelry appraisals. The first step is finding out which is best for you. Then let Goldworks do the rest.

Have you ever actually seen what your diamond ring looks like under a microscope? Would you like to? Live streaming microscope video is just one of the tools available at Goldworks’ on site state of the art gemological laboratory. An array of tools along with reference books, knowledgeable staff, and a vast network of peers in the industry give Goldworks a superior advantage in identifying not only materials and price associated with appraised jewelry, but often time period, place of origin and some history behind the piece as well.

Even if you aren’t sure what you might have, bring it in anyway. An immediate initial assessment and verbal “ballpark appraisal” is free.

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