Eshai is a collection of fine jewelry designed in Half Moon Bay, California by award-winning designer Jesse Warshauer. Jesse’s designs feature inspired elements from his coastal home of Half Moon Bay as well as a rich background of worldly travel. His work demonstrates simplicity and grace, yet remains dynamic and ever-changing. He has trained at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, Ca. and has traveled throughout the United States attending seminars with the Independent Jeweler’s Organization (IJO). Throughout his life Jesse had been immersed in every part of the jewelry industry. There’s over seventy five years of experience in his immediate family alone!



Parlé began in 1973 and quickly earned its place as a leading supplier of quality opals. Since then, Parlé designs has branched out to bring the same attention to detail and quality into the world of colored stones. The quality of their gems matched with their stunning designs make this  designer one you can’t miss!





Since 1850, ArtCarved has handcrafted high quality, elegant and timeless engagement rings and wedding bands for you to wear every day, forever.







Yael Design uses the latest manufacturing techniques, superior finishing and intricate handwork to create jewelry spectacular in both artistry and craftsmanship. Gems are selected by hand for peerless quality to create pieces that are at once modern and timeless.





Irthly’s, purpose is to integrate vital elements of our ecosystem into fine jewelry. Their mind stands firmly on the notion that fine jewelry and “the precious” in general, can be reconstituted to celebrate organic materials that play a critical role in our environment. A synthesis of stern individuality with traditional elements is what makes Irthly a designer worth watching.






With BeverlyK, a graceful femininity embraces the entire collection; there is nothing else quite like it within the industry. Each design celebrates a perfect harmony of gems and precious metals. From lacy, vintage filigree to elegant, modern expression, they offer a variety of rich textures, gorgeous design, and means of self expression. Is your dream ring not the traditional solitaire? BeverlyK may be the designer for you.



Today at Galatea, they have more than jewelers; they have what they call an “Olympic” team of jewelers and designers, all of whom share a core philosophy and love for the trade. They create each piece as if it were to be worn by their own loved ones. Award winning designer and artist Chi Galatea Huynh gets his inspiration from nature, poetry, and works of mythology and literature. Galatea is widely known for their Diamond-In-A-Pearl collections and the peerless Galatea Pearl collections, that unites the timeless elegance of pearls with other colors and designs. His jewelry creations are all truly works of art. In Greek mythology, “Galatea” was a statue that came to life. As an artist, Chi wants all his work to come to life.



Tom Kruskal Designs inspirations include: organic shapes in the New England countryside, the ocean in its fluid changing forms, and the music and dance that fill his life outside the jewelry studio and remind him of the proportion, balance, movement and grace he strives for in his jewelry designs. Their process incorporates a lifelong exploration of linear forms in space, and attention to the interplay of aesthetics and the fabrication process; every piece is hand-forged, not molded or cast. Kruskal’s philosophy is as elegantly simple as his jewelry…if it’s too complicated to make, it’s probably not a good design!.


Rembrandt Charms is world-renowned for superb craftsmanship and a stunning collection featuring thousands of charm styles. Only Rembrandt has earned the title, The World’s Largest Charm Collection by offering each charm style in five different precious metals: sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, and 14k yellow and white gold.




Benchmark believes quality comes from craft and that craft comes from precision. Every detail of every beautiful piece has been meticulously planned. These excellent designs are derived from the drawing board; where everything starts and where creativity unites with functionality to manifest the very finest wedding bands.

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