Diamonds are as unique as the people that wear them. The ability to match the perfect stones to the people who love them is a particular strength of Goldworks. Large or small, fancy shape or fancy color even. Give us the chance to show you our diamonds and you will find out for yourself how bright they sparkle.

A GIA laser inscription, courtesy of our in-house microscope
Subtle differences can affect a diamonds value to great extremes. Goldworks offers a one of a kind experience, detailing every factor, educating our clients, showing live microscope video, and welcoming competition to challenge our quality and value.

Goldworks’ exclusive network of diamond cutting facilities stretches around the world. Featuring GIA and EGL graded diamonds; laser inscribed, ideal cut, hearts & arrows. Our sources have many different specialties but have one thing in common; stellar reputations of cutting only conflict free diamonds. Abiding by not just the Kimberly Process, but also their own high moral integrity values.

Diamonds are what we do. All it takes is one look to see the beauty in our selection.


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