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Whatever the occasion, if you're looking for a true gift from the heart, there is nothing more meaningful than creating a unique piece of custom jewelry that achieves the perfect balance of elegance and originality.

Estate Jewelry

If you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, estate jewelry is the perfect way to capture some of the romance of ages past.

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If you want the best prices on the best stones, ethically and expertly sourced, you're in the right place!



Let your imagination run wild at Goldworks where “if you can dream it, we can make it.” Sit down with us as we walk you through the design process step by step to create the one of a kind piece of jewelry that you’ve always wanted. From old world hand fabrication to cutting edge 3-D printing. Both on site and from our vast network of award winning designers. We can take a simple sketch, magazine clipping, or cell phone picture from just an idea into… well, you tell us. Utilizing an unmatched selection of diamond and gemstone recourses from around the world, Goldworks can provide the highest quality goods at competitive prices. We enjoy the challenge of redesigning existing pieces as well. Maintaining sentimentality, offsetting cost, and updating out of style designs are just a few reasons to bring in any jewelry not being worn to work with. Prices vary depending on the project so please stop in for a free personal consultation for price estimates.


Yael Design uses the latest manufacturing techniques, superior finishing and intricate handwork to create lasting quality of our jewelry. They only use the highest quality metals including pure 18K gold and 950 platinum and gems of superior cut, proportion, color and brilliance.


f you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, estate jewelry is the perfect way to capture some of the romance of ages past. Visit our showroom often to view our ever-changing estate jewelry collection. Ranging from the modest to the extravagant, vintage and contemporary, from the far reaches of the world; estate jewelry offers treasures for every taste and often at unbeatable values. Do you have something exquisite to add to our collection? Maybe a large lot of mixed types of jewelry you aren’t sure how to handle? Just a few broken chains and single earrings lying around? What if you don’t know if what you have is even real? Goldworks’ team of GIA alumni experienced buyers has the resources, knowledge and friendly attitude to walk you through the often-sensitive process with a unique transparent approach. We offer competitive rates with immediate payment on most offers. Make an appointment now for a free consultation with no obligation to sell.


As a 2nd generation goldsmith, Revere Academy and GIA graduate, Goldworks owner Josh Warshauer can provide a multitude of on-site fine jewelry and watch repair services. Goldworks also boasts one of the most detailed, organized, computer based repair intake systems anywhere. Including digital photos of every repair and microscopic imagery of high-end items when relevant. Upfront pricing and e-mail notification of updates are other features of our every day standard procedure. We understand the emotions involved when leaving your jewelry with us and treat each piece as if it were our very own prized possession. Should a need arise for an off site specialist to be involved in a repair, you can be confident that Goldworks has chosen that resource for a specific talent and reputation of excellence. All items left for repair are kept under strict security measures and are fully insured.


Sometimes it’s because you’ve found something on the beach and want to find out what it is. Other times it’s for insurance purposes, a legal requirement, or intent to sell. There are many reasons for and types of jewelry appraisals. The first step is finding out which is best for you. Then let Goldworks do the rest. Have you ever actually seen what your diamond ring looks like under a microscope? Would you like to? Live streaming microscope video is just one of the tools available at Goldworks’ on site state of the art gemological laboratory. An array of tools along with reference books, knowledgeable staff, and a vast network of peers in the industry give Goldworks a superior advantage in identifying not only materials and price associated with appraised jewelry, but often time period, place of origin and some history behind the piece as well. Even if you aren’t sure what you might have, bring it in anyway. An immediate initial assessment and verbal “ballpark appraisal” is free.


Diamonds are as unique as the people that wear them. The ability to match the perfect stones to the people who love them is a particular strength of Goldworks. Large or small, fancy shape or fancy color even. Give us the chance to show you our diamonds and you will find out for yourself how bright they sparkle. Subtle differences can affect a diamonds value to great extremes. Goldworks offers a one of a kind experience, detailing every factor, educating our clients, showing live microscope video, and welcoming competition to challenge our quality and value. Goldworks’ exclusive network of diamond cutting facilities stretches around the world. Featuring GIA and EGL graded diamonds; laser inscribed, ideal cut, hearts & arrows. Our sources have many different specialties but have one thing in common; stellar reputations of cutting only conflict free diamonds. Abiding by not just the Kimberly Process, but also their own high moral integrity values. Diamonds are what we do. All it takes is one look to see the beauty in our selection.
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